LP Electric Rates

Electrician Rates


The following gives a guide to the pricing structure of most of the electrical work that LP Homecare can offer. Depending on the nature of the work and differences from one property to another, it is important to remember that these figures are a guide and that a site visit will enable us to generate a comprehensive quotation with all costs considered.


LP Electrical  offer:


  • Fuse box / consumer unit replacement from £350 – this work will normally take over half a day and will include full testing of each circuit upon completion of the installation. The customer will be without electricity to their home for the majority of the time that the new unit is installed – modern freezers are more than capable of maintaining frozen food during this time.
  • Garage Consumer Units from £200 – this installation can require armoured cable (or a cable protection) if the garage is detached from the main building and a number of protective measures to ensure against water ingress or mechanical damage to cables, appliances etc. Whilst generally less expensive than a full consumer unit replacement, long cable runs and IP rated switches / sockets result in higher installation costs.
  • Additional internal sockets / lights from £55 – as a minor installation, disruption to the customer is minimal and will involve only a short period without electricity whilst the new part of the circuit is connected and tested.
  • Security lighting from £70
  • Appliance replacement from £45 – this service generally takes less than an hour and can range from replacement of a washing machine to an electric cooker. Some cookers will require additional cables not supplied with the unit.
  • Extractor fans / background ventilation from £80 – this includes core drilling and ducting, electrical supply and installation of the fan itself.
  • Electric or Power Showers from £130 – due to the location of showers, installations generally require RCD protection, isolating switches and (in the case of electric showers) higher capacity cables. As an experienced bathroom fitter, we are also able to provide plumbing into the domestic supplies for a complete fitting service.
  • Fault diagnosis and repair from £45 – if the problem cannot be diagnosed then no fee is charged
  • PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) from £45 – up to 10 units testable at the same property for a set price of £45 including PAT reports, certificates and compliance labels. Additional items charged at only 65p per item thereafter.
  • EICR (electrical Installation Condition Reports (formerly the Periodic Inspection Report or PIR) from £130 – this service is available for any sized domestic or small commercial property and can take upwards from a few hours to complete. The customer will need to be aware that the electricity supply will be disrupted throughout the procedure to ensure that the  installation is fully tested.


LP Electrical do not charge for estimates / quotations or add a call out charge to any of it’s services. For general or uncategorised electrical work, we charge £45 for the first hour and £35 per hour thereafter for any work not quoted for prior to it being undertaken.


Non Electrical Services:-

  • Kitchen & Bathroom Fitting are subject to a site visit in order to provide a comprehensive quotation. We can generate quotes on a  ‘supply & fit’ or ‘fit only’ basis. We are generally more competitive than large national installers and are happy to match or better any written quotation.
  • General plumbing work is generally charged at £130 per day (or at the hourly rates above) in addition to any parts required


Long or short term property maintenance contracts are also available. We currently have three such contracts with local businesses and landlords and can provided cover on a casual or contractual basis. Please contact info@lpelectric.co.uk for more information